In order for Medtronic Diabetes to provide you with a loaner insulin pump, please complete the information below and then click on the "submit" button at least two weeks prior to your scheduled departure. In your shipment, you will receive instructions for returning the insulin pump. Please be aware that the travel loaner insulin pump remains the property of Medtronic Diabetes. To help cover the cost of our loaner program, we must charge you a US $50 fee for shipping and handling. If the loaner pump is lost, stolen, or damaged, we must ask you to be responsible for the replacement cost of US $3,600.

Please understand that if we do not receive the loaner pump within two weeks of your estimated return date (not to exceed 90 days from the date of departure), we must apply the replacement cost charge of US $3,600 to your credit card (in either a lump sum or monthly installments, at our discretion).

For our active military customers, Medtronic will extend the loan period beyond the 90 days to accommodate the length of deployment . To request this extension, we require you to fax (210-775-7821) or email (rs.nrcatsup@medtronic.com) your military orders to us.

If Medtronic is experiencing inventory constraints of travel loaner pumps there may be delays in receiving your order. As a result, Medtronic strongly suggests you contact your Doctor to prepare a back-up plan if a travel loaner pump is not available prior to your departure.

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