Comfy Belt, Black (Large)

Comfy Belt, Black (Large)

Product code: ACC-501LBK

$29.95 per item



From Diabete-ezy, this light-weight Nylon/Lyrca waistband with built in pockets for pump and more. Stretches for the perfect fit!

  • Double layer pocket wraps around pump • Great for all insulin pump users; adults to children
  • Snug fit great for wear during physical activity or sleep!
  • No clips, zippers or fastenings
  • 3 to 6 pockets per belt (depending on size)
  • Available in Black, Nude and Blue
  • For use with all MiniMed® Paradigm® and MiniMed® 630G insulin pumps

    Comfy Pump Belt Size Fits Waist
    Extra Small 18” - 22”
    Small 22” - 26”
    Medium 26” - 34”
    Large 34” - 43”
    Extra Large 43” - 55”

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