i-Port Advance™ Injection Port, 9mm Cannula (10/box)

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i-Port Advance™ Injection Port, 9mm Cannula (10/box)

Product code: MMT-101

$30.00 per item

Prescription required


Intended for people who use a syringe or pen to deliver their medications, including insulin. The port allows individuals to inject their medications without puncturing their skin every time. i-Port Advance™ injection port is the first device to combine a port and an inserter in one complete set. Now with one click of the inserter, the injection port is easily applied to provide a simple and convenient way to take multiple injections without having to puncture the skin for each dose.

  • Discreet low-profile design that fits into daily activities
  • Apply a new port every three days through an easy, virtually pain free* process
  • Accommodates syringes and pens ranging from 5mm-8mm (3/16-5/16 inch) in length and 28-32 gauge
  • For people that require insulin: Inject both rapid and long acting insulin in the same port1
  • Also available in 9mm soft plastic cannula
    • Consider 6mm cannula for children or lean adults

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* IPA Wear Trial. Patton Medical 2011. PTN: 0909.2. Data on File.
1. Inject rapid acting insulin, wait one hour, then inject long acting insulin.

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