CONTOUR®NEXT LINK for the MiniMed™ 530G System (551,751)

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CONTOUR®NEXT LINK for the MiniMed™ 530G System (551,751)

Product code: HMS-6207

$89.00 per item

Covered by most insurance

Prescription required


Bayer’s CONTOUR™ NEXT LINK meter with Bayer's enhanced accuracy communicates wirelessly with Medtronic insulin devices for optimized insulin delivery made easy. The CONTOUR™ NEXT LINK meter is for use exclusively with CONTOUR™ NEXT test strips for results you can count on.

Other features of CONTOUR NEXT LINK include:

• Wireless communication to Medtronic devices enables fast and easy bolus dosing and continuous glucose monitoring calibration
• Built-in USB cable has pass-through feature to allows for easy downloading to Medtronic’s convenient online CareLink™ Personal software
• Bayer’s No-Coding™ technology makes testing easy by automatically setting the correct code each time a test strip is inserted
• Easy-to-read display with large, clear numbers, a color display, and backlighting
• Fast 5-second countdown and small 0.6 μL blood sample
• Optional pre- and post-meal markers with audible reminders
• Rechargeable battery can be charged when plugged into a computer or the wall charger.

The CONTOUR NEXT LINK comes with:
• 1 MICROLET 2 lancing device
• 50 MICROLET lancets
• 25 CONTOUR NEXT test strips
• 1 CONTOUR NEXT Level 2 Control Solution
• 1 Wall charger
• 1 USB Extension cable

Product Information
Product Code: HMS-6207 is compatible with the MiniMed 530G System (551 and 751 insulin pumps)