Lenny® Kids Tank Top, Orange Trim (Size 4/5)

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Lenny® Kids Tank Top, Orange Trim (Size 4/5)

Product code: ACC-8501

$25.00 per item



Soft cotton kids tank top has built-in pockets to hold pump close! Each pocket offers the ability to run the infusion set tubing through a reinforced opening within the pocket, keeping all tubing inside the shirt.

  • Two (2) integrated pockets are found on right and left side of the torso
  • Pockets feature a wrap-around opening offering easy access to pump while also keeping pump secure during activities
  • Available in Yellow with Orange trim or Yellow with Pink trim
  • Made of 95% polyester and 5% elastane
  • Machine washable cold-warm water
  • Compatible with all MiniMed® Paradigm® and MiniMed® 630G insulin pumps

    Lenny Kids Tank Tops Measurements
    Children's size 4/5 Chest:11" Length:17"
    Children's size 6/7 Chest:11.75" Length:18"
    Children's size 8/9 Chest:12.5" Length:19"